Carlos Hidalgo


Hey, I’m Carlos Hidalgo (aka Hache) a NY-based 3D / motion artist. Originally from Venezuela, strongly inspired by classic to pictoric movements, I study art from my early steps and eventually begin to be  influenced by a postmodern visual experience with an emphasis on power and the aesthetic of oppression. 

I’m constantly looking for a challenge and learning new techniques that help me grow as a designer and a human.

I began to engage in politics in college, with influences from Dostoievsky, Nietzsche, Derrida and Foucault -- to name a few. His art explores postmodern deconstructivism, cyberpop and liquid reality. I find myself passionate about philosophy, art, poetry and cryptoart.

Over the last 8 years of my carrier I had the opportunity to work for a huge variety of brands, teams and positions. I'm whit-out doubts a Swiss army tool when it comes to design, constable adapting to different environments and objetives to deliver a high end product no matter what difficulty we face, cleaver solutions will always pop if we are whiling to sweat a little.

You can contact me here.